Filming for the From West Baltimore documentary series began in 2016 several months after the death of Freddie Gray and subsequent protests that turned violent with looting and burning of local businesses.

Freddie Gray is only like a few blocks up the street, what happened to Freddie Gray, it's Sandtown, that's where I'm from.

2017 Baltimore City Neighborhood Health Profile Baltimore City Health Department: Sandtown-Winchester/Harlem Park

Leana S. Wen, MD, MSc

96.7% Population Black or African American

86.8% Children in single-parent households

$24,374 Median Household Income

20.7% Unemployment

50.3% Families in poverty

44.4% 8th graders at proficient or advanced reading level

2X rate of
Baltimore City
Youth homicide mortality rate

2X rate of
Baltimore City
Drug and/or Alcohol Induced Death

2X rate of
Baltimore City
Mortality rate 15-24 years old