About the Documentary Stars


Courtney is the eldest of three boys and lives with his mother and father. He attended Green Street Academy through middle school and most of high school, transferring his junior year to Aberdeen High School in Harford County, where he continued to get good grades taking honors and AP classes. While gaining admission to several colleges, Courtney did not receive full funding. He explored other career options and was excited to be accepted by the Electrical Apprenticeship Program at Harford Community College.


Davioin is the youngest of his father's 8 children, living with his mother and older sister. Violence in his neighborhood kept him indoors throughout his childhood. He attended Southwest Baltimore Charter School for middle school. His excellent scores on the Baltimore City Public School standardized test gained him admission to Baltimore Poly Technical High School where he excelled in AP classes. He hopes to go to college to study mechanical engineering. With excellent grades, Davioin was able to get full funding from multiple sources to make going to college possible.


Princaya, the middle of three children, was raised by her mother who worked long hours. She attended Franklin Square Elementary and Middle School, walking to school through a high crime neighborhood of vacant lots and boarded up homes. Dedicating herself to education in middle school, she gained admission to Western High School where she took honors and AP Classes. She was on the wrestling team and class treasurer. Princaya wants to study psychology in college and was able to get the full funding support she needed to make college possible.


Shakeer, the 5th of 10 children, lived with his mother through middle school, often having the responsibility of caring for his four younger siblings. Overcoming multiple challenges, he was admitted to Bard High School with his excellent essay and interview. While getting excellent scores on his school tests, he was unable to complete required assignments and transferred to Yo Baltimore Academy - a credit recovery program for his senior year. He writes poetry and is the winner of the UMB MLK poetry competition. During his junior year he began working at Gertrude's Restaurant while attending school. He plans to go to community college.


Tyler was taken away from his mother at an early age by social services and for most of his childhood was raised by a caring aunt. Towards the end of high school, he moved to live with his father. Tyler attended Green Street Academy for middle school and high school where teachers nurtured his success in math and physics. He was also a star player on the school basketball team and selected to be captain his senior year. In college, Tyler hopes to study sports medicine or sports journalism and make the basketball team. He received partial funding for college and hopes to receive a sports scholarship.